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Canon CanoScan FS2710

Canon CanoScan FS2710, Canon has actually verified that they are a specialist supplier constantly that has actually generated skilled personality outcome yesteryear creating the serial of CanoScan FS2710. This scanner machine gives the best operating when refining your chore to live on scanned well. You volition notice that this scanner gadget is a specialist solution for y’ all if y’ all need to create obtained a scanner machine amongst slap-up requirements also acquire high personality outcome. There are lots of functions too includes that y’ all tin fire educate when y’ all acquisition this production to aid y’ all inwards doing your tasks.

The series of CanoScan FS2710 has excellent resolution which is up to 2570 x 3855 dots per inch for optimal resolution. The optical resolution of this scanner device depends on 2570 dots per inch. It means that you will certainly get the best solution from Canon by buying this kind of scanner machine. You can use this scanner in order to help you in scanning your documents flawlessly.

Canon CanoScan FS2710, With its scanning capability of 2, 4 hundred dpi the CanoScan FS2710 would certainly be the to begin with the phase in Canon’s step-up selection. This resolution quantity creates it to be specifically suitable for motion picture scanning because it nears the resolution of specialized film scanners often costing times even more. Its 48-bit color depth provides exceptional high quality from any type of image unique, along with 35 mm negatives. It incorporates advanced CCD modern technologies integrating an electronic shutter, so check occasions are brief– as high as 2 times as quickly due to the degree of competition.

Canon CanoScan FS2710 Review Specs:

  • Scanner Type; Moving film carriage-type / Desktop model
  • Scanning Element; Charge-coupled device 3-line color image sensor
  • Light Source; Xenon fluorescent lamp
  • Scanning Speed; 35mm mounted slide film, strip film: 13/20/25 seconds;Advanced Photo System (IX240 cartridges): 10/20/30/40/60 seconds
  • Optical Density Range; 3.2
  • Scanning Pixels; Color positives/negatives, monochrome scanning pixels:35mm mounted slide film, strip film: 2,592 x 3,888 pixels; Advanced Photo System (IX240 cartridges): 1,766 x 3,212 pixels;
  • Scanning Area; 35mm mounted slide film, strip film: 24.2mm x 36.3mm
  • Interface; SCSI-2; Connectors: 50-pin high density x 2
  • Dimensions (W x D x H); 85 x 321 x 147mm (3.3 x 12.6 x 5.8 in)
  • Weight; 2.2kg (4.9 lbs)
  • OS Compatibility; Windows 95/98/NT 4.0, Mac OS 7.5x,7.6x, 8.x
  • Power Source; 100-200 Volts AC (50-60 hz)
  • Max. Power Consumption; Operating 30W/Stand-by: 18W

Canon CanoScan FS2710 OS Compatible;

  • Windows® 7, Windows Vista® ,
  • Windows XP and Mac OS® X v10.4.11 to v10.6.x9
  • Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2
  • Windows XP SP3 32-bit
  • Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Linux

Canon CanoScan FS2710 Chauffeur installment with DVD/CD-ROM:

  • A computer system with CD/DVD drive
  • A USB cord to attach the computer with Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer
  • Canon CanoScan FS2710 installment CD that includes the package
  • Guidelines in setting up Canon CanoScan FS2710 Printer with a CD:

Canon CanoScan FS2710 Driver installation setup file (without CD / DVD ROM):

  • A Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer configuration file, downloadable via web link listed below.
  • A USB wire to link your computer system with Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer.
  • Guidelines in installing Canon CanoScan FS2710 Printer with a setup file:.

Canon CanoScan FS2710 Driver manual installation

  • Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer arrangement data, downloadable by means of supplied links.
  • A USB cord to connect with the computer.
  • Guidelines in manually mounting a Canon CanoScan FS2710 Printer with configuration data:.

Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer uninstallation:

  1. Click on the Windows button. Click on “Control Panel”.
  2. Look for Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer chauffeur, choose “Uninstall a Program”.
  3. Wait up until Canon CanoScan FS2710 printer driver uninstallation is successful. Click “Finish” switch.

Canon CanoScan FS2710 Software and Driver Download:

ScanGear Cs-U for use with/without FAU-S11 Windows 2000/Me/
Xp (32-bit)
Canon CanoScan FS2710 Printer Driver Support