A wide variety of factors come into play when planning to grasp your egg chair from your ceiling or guide beam.


Living rooms, recreational rooms and outside remain the most popular places to hang egg chairs. One of our customers even sold theirs to hang in their workplace.


The room you pick out to cling your egg chair need to be someplace you could imagine your self enjoyable for brief and extended periods of time. It must be a room you enjoy spending time in preferably with a nice view.


The area of the chair ought to not disrupt the drift of the room. You want to love your striking egg chair, not be annoyed by using it getting into your way.


The hanging nature of an egg chair approach it is going to be an immediately appealing piece of furniture. This must be kept in thoughts while planning the placement and layout of the alternative furniture within the room.


Will The Ceiling Support My Hanging Egg Chair?

It is important to ensure that the ceiling or guide beam you may be placing your egg chair from can guide the weight of an human in addition to the real egg chair.If you’re putting from a visible ceiling aid or pergola. You could be capable of see viable locations to dangle your egg chair. When putting, ensure you dangle from the exact centre of the beam. Mark this factor with a pencil.If you would love to dangle from a plasterboard ceiling. You will want to locate a ceiling joist first. Plasterboard isn’t always robust enough to cling your egg chair. You will need to search for a joist and find a suitable location to grasp your egg chair that matches up with the joist.

Using a stud finder, find the centre of the joist and make certain to mark this vicinity. This is in which you may hold your egg chair.

If you’re comfy the usage of a drill and feature primary DIY revel in around the house, striking your egg chair have to be a breeze.


Using the mark you made within the centre of the joist as a guide. Drill a ten cm hole into the joist. The hole you just made could be the installation factor and function the help for your chair.


Carefully screw and eye hook into the hole you simply made. Make sure to screw it in the entire way, you shouldn’t be able to see any of the screw’s threading.


Attach the rope or chain to the attention hook. The other give up of the rope or chain must be constant to the pinnacle of the striking egg chair. Each chair will fluctuate in how It desires to be linked. Some would require a hook, others come with a caribeena.